BEST PRICES ON BOOKS!! All you have to have is your schedule and they find all of your books for you!! Plus all of the prices are WAY lower than the campus book store!! 👏 👏 Plus locally owned and operated 👌 👌

Marrina Browning

Cheap text books for college. Staff is very helpful, and great at answering questions about ISU. If you're a student who needs text books for college this would be the place to go.

Joe Odst

Check for your books here first. They are MUCH less expensive than the University bookstore, and the staff is very helpful. Try to get in before the semester starts, or early in the morning, to avoid crowds.

Alex Lystrup

I've searched EVERYWHERE in order to save money on textbooks but the only place I've found with consistently low prices (not to mention awesome people!) is the TextBook Exchange!

Austin Heindel

This is a great local business that has very competitive prices for textbooks against the more expensive university bookstore. They usually carry a sufficient stock of books for most classes and are willing to order books for you. They have even price matched for me on various occasions.

AJ DeCato
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