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Our Story 

Created by students, for students. In the late 90’s, the Fisher brothers, Jason, Jared and Jonny, were attending college. They hated going to the college bookstore to wait in line for hours and then pay high retail prices for their books. After complaining about it and hearing all their friends do the same, they realized there was a need that was not being fulfilled. In December 2001 while still going to school, they opened their first Textbook Exchange in Pocatello, Idaho servicing Idaho State University.

From the get go, the people at Textbook Exchange have focused on four things: offering lowest prices, being a resource of information, maintaining fast and friendly service and helping students achieve success. Their mission statement embodies this spirit: We provide the tools, resources and inspiration to help every student discover their inner genius. They believe that within each of us is a genius waiting to be unleashed. With the proper guidance and willing attitude, each of us can achieve greater things than we realize.

They put this to the test back in 2011 with their involvement in a huge community project in Pocatello, Idaho. Owner Jonny Fisher was the visionary and project general coordinator of Brooklyn’s Playground, a 15,000 square foot playground for kids of all abilities. In a years time, his committee raised $550,000 and with the help of thousands of volunteers, Brooklyn’s Playground was build by the community over a seven day span in September of 2011. From this project, many have been inspired to do more and get involved in their community.

“If we are given the proper tools, the proper resources and proper inspiration, we will achieve things greater than we ever thought possible. We will reach within ourselves and discover that deep down is a genius waiting to be unleashed.”

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