Renting can save you up to 70%, and it’s easy to do! If you’re in-store, just ask if your books are eligible for rent while we look up your books. For online purchases you will see a rental option for eligible titles. 

Rentals are due the Monday after finals by 5pm. 

It’s easy. Just bring your rental to the counter in store and tell us it is a rental. We will check your book in and then a receipt of your check-in will be emailed to you.

No problem. We know what books you rented and can look it up for you at any time. You also do not need your receipt in order to return your rentals.

Rental books follow the same refund policy as a purchase. You have until the first Friday of your session to return books for any reason. After that, you have until the add/drop date to return books if you dropped the class. Any rented or purchased books after the drop date can be returned for a refund within 48 hours.

You can convert your textbook rental to a purchase up until one week after the add/drop date by paying the difference between a sale and a rental.  For full semester classes, this date usually is three weeks after the first day of school. If you do not convert before this day and at the end of the semester you decide you want to keep the book, you would need to pay the replacement cost, which is 50% of the new price of the book.

Yes, you can write and highlight your textbook. Just remember someone else will be renting the book after you. 

Any rental that is not returned by the due date, will be extended for 7 days at 10% of the original rental price. If it is still not returned after the 7 day extension, it will be considered intent to purchase and your card will be charged the non-return fee. Our non-return fees are very low in comparison to most other rental companies.  We only charge you the replacement cost of the book, which is 50% of the new price, instead of the full retail price, which is 75% of the new price.  Keep in mind that the non-return fee is in addition to what you already paid to rent the book since the rental period you paid for is already over and that fee has already been expensed.  (Example, if a book sells for $100 new and $70 used and we rent you a used copy for $39, the non-return fee would be $50).​

Yes! the package must be postmarked BEFORE the rental due date AND you must call and notify us that your rentals have been shipped back so that we do not charge your card if they don’t make it back in time. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your rentals until we receive them so we advise paying for insurance and delivery confirmation.

Sales and Returns

You better believe it. We always beat the bookstore, so you can shop with us with confidence. 

We work hard to keep our prices as low as we can offer them. If you find a book cheaper elsewhere, please give us a chance to compete before you purchase it elsewhere. A lot of times we will not be able to match it but we usually can come close enough to where students will stay with us. We feel that there is some value to buying from us: we are local, we know what books you need for your class so you will get the right book, there is an easy return policy in case your professor changes books or you switch classes, you can see the book and you don’t have to wait forever for shipping.

When we get a shipment in, we first go through it and set aside all of the books that have been prepaid. Once we scan that book into your order, it will email you to let you know that your book is in stock and ready to be picked up. There is no rush as we will reserve this book for you. (Note: sometimes this email will be kicked to the spam folder. If you see that this has happened, please add us to your list of safe senders).

You have until the first Friday of your session to return books for any reason. After that, you have until the add/drop date to return books if you dropped the class. Any rented or purchased books after the drop date can be returned for a refund within 48 hours.

 Nope! We enter your customer information into every transaction. By doing so, we now can look you up and find your transaction in case you lose your receipt. This has helped us keep customers happy and helped you in case you lose that darn receipt.

Yes! If you haven’t received your financial aid yet, you can still get your books TODAY! Just print out a paper showing you will be receiving your financial aid and leave a card on file. When you get your financial aid in, just come in and pay us. 

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. You can find the ISBN on the back cover of the book near the bar code, or on the copyright page of the book. The ISBN is unique to each title and is the best way to ensure that you are getting the exact book for your class. You can use the search tools to find your textbook and ISBN if you’re not sure.

Yes, and if there is an account we don’t work with yet, we would like to so inquire in the store or contact us here for help in setting up your account.

We love to work with student groups! We offer a rebate program to help you raise money for our club. If you submit your club list to us and have your members mention the club when they come in to buy books, we will give your club back 5% of the purchase. This really adds up. We have also done a lot of fun marketing ideas with clubs that have been mutually beneficial. Inquire in our store for more details. 


Buyback is where we purchase the books back from the students to resell when they are finished using them. Just bring your book to the counter and we will scan it into our system to get a quote. You then can choose between cash or an in-store gift card. If you choose the gift card, you will get an extra 10% added to your buyback total.

We buyback books all year long. However, it is usually best to wait until the end of the semester when we are buying back books at retail for the next semester.

Yes! We work with all of the major wholesale companies. If the book is not used on campus next semester but there is still a demand nationally for that title, we will buyback the book from you and ship it to the wholesale company to reuse elsewhere.

Yes! We will buyback the book no matter where you bought it originally. Of course, we would love to help you with all your book purchases for next semester. 

There are a lot of factors that go into a buyback price. The most important factors are: the book is used again next semester, we have not hit our inventory limit, the book still has a high national demand, the book is still selling for a high retail price on the marketplace, the book is in reasonable condition.

We would love to be able to buyback every book and you would love for us to do this as well. However, publishers work hard for this not to happen because they don’t make any money off of the used book industry. If a book has a new edition and the professor has gone to the new edition, the old edition book will quickly lose its value and drop to zero. Also, books that are packaged with access codes are hard to buyback. Sometimes it makes sense for us to buy the book used and repackage it with a new access code but more often than not, the price of a stand-alone access code makes it cost prohibitive to pay anything for the book. We would be in it more than just buying the package new again.

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